A Place to Reason

Live/work space featuring a 27-inch 4k display monitor for mobile desk jockeys and 4x6 ft glass whiteboard for dreamers, this is the best business suite in Nashville. Perfect for executives, consultants, entrepreneurs and digital nomads.


Reason Room Details

  • 705 square feet

  • Desk w/ 27” 4K display monitor

  • 4x6 ft Glass whiteboard

  • Laser printer

  • Walk-in closet

  • 12 ft tall loft ceilings (!)

  • Free high-speed wifi

Haven Amenities

  • Separated bedroom/living space

  • Full kitchen w/ fridge, dishwasher, etc

  • 50” Smart TV w/ SlingTV

  • Complimentary parking (we hate hotels that nickel and dime ya!)

  • 24/7 Gym

  • Pet-friendly

  • Ridiculously comfortable queen beds, fine linens and toiletries

  • Things that make you feel at home


Great for Startup Salespeople

“I was in Nashville to launch our product to a new market. The Reason Room at Haven was a perfect command center for our strategy sessions, and allowed me to reallocate my coworking rental funds.”

— Jessica, Head of Sales at startup

Restful & Well-Located

“I needed a break from SE Asia and humored a secret desire to live on Taylor Swift’s old stomping grounds for a few weeks. Traded digital advertising consulting services for a discount at Haven!”

— Jessica, digital nomad

I’ve stopped using SPG!!

“I decided I hated schlepping my carry-on from NYC to Nashville every week and booked a two month stay at Haven. Best decision ever. Apt has everything I need.”

— Jim, consultant


Reason-able business accommodations.

For those whose business is leisure.